There ought to be a carnival, a sky full of colored balloons drifting on the wind with tags on them saying… goodbye…goodbye…crossing the Golden Gate and on around the world on the trade winds of friendship.

I wish I had moved more slowly, taken more time to arrive at where…

Love Over Lotions

Image: Author with his Wife, Moving into Natural life

It’s true, thanks to the colorist, the first touch of winter’s grey has been disguised, and it’s true, too, lines are forming about the corners of her eyes, but she is a woman more beautiful than any words of love can describe.
A body no longer adorned or shaped by Givenchy…

There’s not much to know. I’ve been fortunate. Now I write.

Image: Author

My life began beneath a shrub on a roundabout in Gants Hill, Essex, U.K. (No, I’m not Moses!) I was found by a young couple leaving the Odeon cinema having spent their evening watching a Spencer Tracy movie, Edward, My Son.

With no parents claiming me, I was put up…

In short, my writing experience

Image: Author 2002

Writing, for me, is not the culmination of a boy’s lifelong dream. My first attempt at writing a book began in 2002 and took five years to write. That is persistence. It was rejected by everyone who got to read it. The publisher doesn’t exist…

The Farm’s Breathing

Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

Rosie spent most of the afternoon in Dublin shopping with a couple of girlfriends, buying things she never imagined wearing. She’d been coerced by her girlfriends to get out of the dull outfits since her divorce. She tried not to think about the dream, being with Frank…

Plagiarism is a plague, I know.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

For a while, I thought I could play around with writing. Then I had to choose what kind of writer I wanted to become. I’m of an age when I’m no longer driven by ambition. …

Those I learned from Grandpa

Photo by Suganth on Unsplash

Whenever I draft a story or listen to one being read, I forget everything and live the scenes. This ability first revealed itself, I recall, when in the company of grandpa. In fact, I remember the exact instant, hearing him read a letter from a…

Now just wait a damn minute, Rena Willis

Look, okay, it’s sad what is happening to you. Is This It (A must read for depressed old guys)

Really? You’re one mid-life crisis away from writing a best-seller? Bully for you. I hear all this stuff from my wife…do I look puffy, honey? Can you see creases my neck

The Love Compass Points East

Image: Author

I’m damned if I know why I should take calls from Steve. I’m busy with forms, customs and excise. I let it ring as Jenny appears at the bedroom door. She looks at me, then at my cell phone ringing on the bed. …

No matter how happy, memories of hurt return when not in control. (An updated work previously published in The Junction)

Image: Author

It’s always after a fit of sleep, I awake after seeing myself standing next to an empty chair on the shoreline, a satin dress has been discarded between it and the incoming tide, and soon bulges like a stranded jellyfish. I see footprints for a while, then none. …

Harry Hogg

I was born in London, adopted, lived my youth on an island off the west coast of Scotland. I now live in California. I write to travel.

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