The Girl under the Tarpaulin (Part 6)

When Sirius hears the shower turn off, he ends the phone call, armed with new information.

Harry Hogg


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Part 6: Looking into the eyes of a killer.

When Libby returns her long auburn hair seems redder when wet. Her skin is smooth in appearance and milk white in color. She has an aura about her of a very pretty woman, which she is. Sirius has determined she is attracted to older, tall guys, and Reynolds had fit the bill.

She smiles at Sirius as she comes forward and does a twirl wearing his tracksuit, which of course floods her figure. “I put some makeup on, hoping to distract you from the neck down,” she says laughing at herself.

Sirius is not oblivious to her unobtrusive lipstick and make-up giving emphasis to her naturally pretty lips as she rests her butt on a stool at the kitchen island, resting her elbows on the counter with her chin in her hand, and looking across at him. For the first time, Sirius…



Harry Hogg

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