Where will it Happen?

Sometimes in places too beautiful to describe.

Harry Hogg


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Note: Often when I write a piece of fiction friends write to me saying they believed it to be true. What is here is fiction based on many instances of fact. It is simply written from my point of View.

Those who have driven the CA 1 Highway heading north from San Francisco will have appreciated the drama off to the left.

Jenny and I had driven up as far as Bodega Bay, a couple of hours from the bustle of San Francisco, a small fishing harbor notable for once being the setting for the classic movie by Hitchcock, ‘The Birds’.

Driving along the CA 1, familiarly known as the Pacific Coast Highway, toward Mendocino, there are many places to stop and take in the coastline magnificence; find a piece of art or antiquity with which to adorn the walls or the gardens of your home.

Over many years, I have bought several sculptures, some impressive paintings by local artists, and stunning seascape photographs.

That said, we observed the most striking, unattainable art happening right outside the window of our hotel in Mendocino; the stormy weather that lasted through the night brought in high winds, painting a picture of immense power and beauty. The waves coming ashore were in a state of riot. It was, of course, nature’s art.

We had a great breakfast, marmalade and oysters, though Jenny preferred eggs, ham, and a glass of fresh orange.

As we left, we knew we had been treated to the nature of ‘art’ in one of its many guises; however, by the time we set off, the sun was out, the winding road gleaming, famously dramatic, fierce, inspiring, and beautiful. The Pacific Coast Highway is a tourist favorite for traveling, stopping, taking photographs, feeling the freshness, and looking at the hugeness. Trust me, it can be intoxicating.

We came around a bend to find several police cars blocking the narrow road, emergency services, and, in the air, a rescue helicopter. We stopped behind several cars ahead of us. I’ve come to understand life is a repetitious wheel of chance. A policeman is being helped into an ambulance, distraught, unhurt, but looking near to collapse.



Harry Hogg

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