Meet Francine

It happened on a single day, two weeks ago, when my life was broken, shattered. A police officer came to the door with a priest. “Ms. Francine Murray?” He asked. The policeman told me that my parents were dead, killed in a car accident, an oncoming bus; they died instantly. I crumbled into a chair and sat there, frozen, not knowing how to respond.

Harry Hogg


Author — Warren Cottage

A love story in five chapters.

Chapter one — Brannon.

Two weeks later, after a short funeral, I invited friends and relatives into my parent’s home for something to eat and drink. My parents had only recently bought a house in Bowness, the Lake District.

I couldn’t afford to move them back to Glasgow to be buried, and my parents didn’t know anyone in the town. So, friends and relatives traveled from Scotland, including mom’s sister and her husband, Jack, and Gilda; they are mean and don’t care about anybody but themselves.

My husband divorced me a year ago, after ten years. He never got on with my parents and didn’t show up for the funeral, which was small and short. Then, before I knew it, it was over. The following day I packed, ready to head back to Scotland.

After the divorce, the house was sold, and I moved out of Glasgow to the Island of Mull.

I took a shower to ease my mind, but the tears poured once the hot water hit my face. I turned off the shower and let the last tears fall.

Soon, I was chilled to the bone. I wrapped myself in a towel and went into the bedroom. It is nothing like the bedroom we once had. Instead, on one side of the room, a small twin bed is set against a green wall: there’s a dresser, a desk with paper and pen, and a small lamp on the nightstand.

It’s a leased cottage that I moved into three weeks ago, a week before the accident. The place is only 900 sq ft. I look out the window, still wrapped in a towel. It’s drizzling, the sun is setting and there’s a multi-color arc over the countryside.

Tomorrow is my thirty-third birthday. Even though I recently divorced, I knew it…



Harry Hogg

Ex Greenpeace, writing since a teenager. Will be writing ‘Lori Tales’ exclusively for JK Talla Publishing in the Spring of 2024