Meet Francine (Chapter Three)

Coming through the windows of the living room, the yellow lights of the breakdown truck flash against the light green walls.

Harry Hogg


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Warren Cottage

“Good, he’s here, Francine. We’ll soon have you under way,” Bunny says.

We have spent the last hour talking about music, and its influence in Bunny’s life, having wanted to be a musician since he was six years old hearing his mother play. He wasn’t born into a well -to -do family but comfortable.

He studied hard through university, having an interest in agriculture, but in his twenties, music was his first love. His father insisted he finish his agricultural degree in Land Management, and Bunny knew his father was right. After he married, they had one child, and lived on a farm. but he was always a man of music. Rachel was the daughter of a distant cousin living in Canada. Bunny fell in love with her. His family tried everything to break up their love.

They could tear at us, make fun of us, hurl abuse, but they would lose, they had to lose because they were fighting something good, honest, and rare. Rachel was a fine musician and dancer. I am a man of music. A single note can touch me deeply, a lyric can make my day. Music is something Rachel and I had in our hearts and together we taught each other and enjoyed all the many aspects of music. In the end, during Rachel’s illness, all that was left was to play for her. Rachel died when she was thirty-seven.

The breakdown truck driver comes to the door. He is wearing a yellow rainproof suit with hood.

“Sorry to have to bring you out on such a terrible night,” Bunny says, “it’s the Ford Fiesta, my friend accidentally left the lights on,” and now looks over to me. “Francine are the keys still in the car?”

“Yes, Bunny. The doors are unlocked.”

“Aye, it’ll no take me long. I’ll get some leads out of the truck and use a slave battery. I’ll give ye’s a knock when I’m done,” he says.

“Thank you,” Bunny says and pushes the door closed.

“Bunny, your life is so interesting. Thank you for sharing some of it with me,” I say as he again helps me with my jacket.



Harry Hogg

Ex Greenpeace, writing since a teenager. Will be writing ‘Lori Tales’ exclusively for JK Talla Publishing in the Spring of 2024